May 4

May the fourth be with you! I don't know what it's like at your household, but at ours, Star Wars have gotten to be quite the obsession for my children.

If you have any yarn you can donate, please send them to class by Wednesday. Thanks!

We would love to WIN an END OF THE YEAR PARTY! Please support the Knights of Columbus shopping card challenge!

We will have a book report due at the end of the month. The criteria and expectations will be given out tomorrow. Students will be expected to read a novel from any genre. If you click on the sidebar, there is a list of genres they can choose from.

We have a Science test on plants on Friday. The review sheet was handed out last week.

1. Spelling Unit 28 (WTW #2,3, WP #1-3 CH #3-7)
    OR List 4 (TicTacToe activity sheet)

2. House RD
3. Math pg 138-139
4. SS- Manitoba

Choir students received their work for the afternoon before leaving.
Any students who are going to be away on Wednesday for track will be given the work they will miss tomorrow.