June 1

A BIG THANK YOU to the parent drivers and volunteers who helped to make our field trip so successful! I don't know about the kids, but I was tired last night from all the walking and sunshine!

Today, we were missing quite a few kids who went to the CISVA track meet. Students had the opportunity to work on their Passion projects. Tomorrow, in our groups, students will have the opportunity to create their criteria for marking.

ALL PROJECTS are due to me on MONDAY, JUNE 6. If they opt to do a speech, I still to see the notes for the speech so I know they are prepared.

CELEBRATION OF LEARNING is on THURS, JUNE 9. Families are invited to come and here presentations starting at 11am in the Parish Center.

1. Passion projects due
2. ABC book
- D for dump
- O for orchard
- Z for Zuckerman
- R for Roosters

19 MORE SCHOOL DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!