Nov 7

Today Mr. Borkowski prepared the students for a lock down drill that will take place next week. We have always had these procedures in place, but in light of what is happening in the news, we want to make sure that the students are aware of them. We used the example of a large dog on the school grounds to discuss what would happen in an event of possible danger. The students had a lot of questions and we tried our best to address them. Please have a talk with your child to alleviate any anxiety they may have. The school is a safe and loving place and we want them to be assured of this.

This is a short week! No school on Thursday (Pro D Day) and Friday (Remembrance Day). On Wednesday, there will be a Remembrance Day at 1:30. Please feel free to join us. I encourage all the students to bring in a donation to get a poppy. All donations go to the local Legion.

GRADE 3-- ROSARY TEST on WED. We have been working on this for almost a month and a half. Please ensure your child goes over the contents in their Religion duotang. They need to know facts about the rosary, as well as all the mysteries.

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