Nov 24

Please ensure have checked your time for the Three-Way conferences, as the times are very tight. Each student is allotted 10 minutes. I am fully booked for Thursday afternoon and evening. If you need to change your time, please let me know ASAP. I can still slot a few people after 8:22 on Thursday evening or I have times after 10:00 on Friday morning.

Popcorn sale (50 cents) on Wednesday and non-uniform day by donations. The colours are red, yellow and blue, the colours of the Philippine flag.  All proceeds are going to the White Cross orphanage in Manila.

1. Math pg 49 & 50 (all)
2. Ramona Ch 5 &6 questions
3. Now & Then- Food management & Harvest (due Wed)

SP Unit 11 -- due Thurs
WTW #1-2
WP #1-3
CH #1,2,5