Nov 20

What a crazy and busy week! We had a wonderful hour with the Lord today, as we got the opportunity to have Adoration and Confession this afternoon. I always enjoy watching the expression on their faces as they walk out of the confessional. It is a mixture of relief and pure happiness. I remember being scared to go in to confession as a young child and can sympathize with my students who feel that way, but coming out, you can see the joy they have as their sins have been forgiven. I encourage you to take your child during the season of Advent, in preparation for Christmas, as we will not have that opportunity as a class.

A few homework notices were sent home today for missed assignments. Please check with your child if they received a "pink slip" as they are to be signed and returned with the missing homework.

Three-way conference times were sent home yesterday. Please let me know if there is a problem with the time you were scheduled as soon as possible. The Thursday is all filled up but we can always meet on a different day.

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!