Hi Parents!!!

Just wanted to review a few details for our big day this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

-Please have your child at the Parish Centre by 1:15 pm.
-Girls should have shoulders covered.
-The children should not hold rosaries or have gloves on during Mass.
-Please make sure your children eat plenty of FOOD (eating is SO important, even if they are super excited!!!). 
-Please make sure your children get plenty of SLEEP (sleep is SO important, even if they are super excited and have lots of family and friends around....)
-When choosing a pew, please abandon your normal "Space Bubble" and squeeze in tight for all the many wonderful people who will be with us to celebrate and pray (more is SO better but it will be super, super cozy) :)
-Mrs. Phoenix (Colin - in Grade 7's mom) will be taking  a group photo.  She will be putting them into digital format, which we still need to figure out, but it will be TOTALLY FREE!!!!!!! Horray!!!!!  Mrs. Silva (Adie -in Grade 3 and Josh in K's mom) is doing 
individual photos so hopefully we can combine the access for all the photos in the same place. Please thank these wonderful moms for this generous service!!!!
-There will be a reception in the Parish Centre Auditorium following Mass.  This is an opportunity to receive your child’s First Communion certificate and bring home his/her banner. There will be cake too! Let's keep the exuberant celebration until the reception and maintain (and help all of the children to maintain) a reverent, prayerful, quiet excitement prior to Mass (I'm saying this mostly for myself - you KNOW how I am when I'm excited.... Please feel free to correct me if I'm pogo sticking or doing cartwheels before Mass!!!) :)
-The time plan is:
*1:15 arrive at parish centre
*1:30 picture (parents are banished from the premises) :)
*1:45 children are praying the rosary, using the washroom, and lining up (and you are praying really hard in the church to God for your child, even if it feels like everyone in there is talking to everyone except God...)
*2:00 Mass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)
*????? PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Can't wait until Sunday!!! Please don't forget the novena tonight, tomorrow, and twice on Sunday!!!!

With much gratitude and anticipation!!!!!