May 1

CONGRATULATIONS to our Grade 2s for receiving their First Communion. It was a beautiful day to celebrate with loved ones and each other!

Next week the intermediate grades will be performing Aladdin. We are looking for donations of makeup - foundation, lipsticks, blush, liners (lip and eye) - anything you have at home that you are willing to part with.

If you are interested in watching the play on May 11 (1pm or 7pm) please purchase your tickets! The class will be watching the dress rehearsal so tickets for them are not necessary unless they are joining you for either of the shows on May 11. Our grade 3 choir members will be part of the performance in the chorus. 

Track & Field athletes-- there is a track meet this Wednesday at St. Matthew's. Please ensure that your child has a ride to and from the track meet! Check Mr K's blog for times!