Happy Advent! It's like the whole year is in fast forward and I can't slow it down!!!

*** There has been changes made to the drivers and groups for tomorrow. Please look below. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CHILD HAS A BOOSTER SEAT IF NECESSARY!!!***

There is so many important dates to remember:
Dec 2-- Field trip
Dec 3-- Candy cane sale $1.00
Dec 10-- Hot chocolate sale .50 cents
Dec 12-- Class mass
Dec 15-- Dress rehearsal
Dec 16-- Christmas concert
Dec 17-- Pajama day (woohoo!)
Dec 18-- class party & book exchange (will blog about this tomorrow!)
Dec 19-- last day, noon dismissal


The class are asked to be dressed in their Sunday best for the school concert. No specific colours, but Christmas colours would look best.

Tomorrow is our field trip to Burnaby Village Museum. Just a few reminders about the day:
·        We are leaving at 9 am. Please try to be on time. If the class is gone when your child arrives, please check in with the office. They will spend the day in another classroom.
·        Students are encouraged to dress in Pioneer style clothing.
-        Boys:  Pants (no denim), long sleeve shirts, (t-shirts ok), suspenders (optional)
-        Girls: Long skirts or long dresses (no pants for girls)
-        Students are also welcome to wear their full uniform
-        They can carry their belongings in rucksacks! (Cloth tied to a long stick) Backpacks are fine!
-        We are outside for a LARGE part of the day as we move between exhibits. Please ensure your child is dressed for the outdoors AND everything is labelled!

·        There is a gift shop available. Students can bring some spending money, but they are in charge of their money. Please do not send more than $20.
·        Students are allowed to bring their own cameras, but please do not send your expensive family ones, as they are in charge of their own belongings, just like their cash!
·        We are bringing our own lunches as we are assigned to a lunchroom. Food is not sold at the lunch room, but there is a cafeteria where they can purchase hot chocolate and small snacks. They can go there at their leader’s supervision.
·        Students are placed in groups along with the drivers. Groups are mixed into larger groups as we explore the grounds. Please check on the back to see who your child is driving with/or who you are driving.
·        We will be leaving the museum at 1:30 to return to school. Students will be dismissed from class.

We have been learning about pioneers all term and are so excited to be seeing it first hand!
If you have any questions or concern, please email me!

1. Karch
2. Alexander
1. Hailey
2. Crissa
3. Stephanie
1. Laura
2. Savannah
3. Liam
4. Mateo
1. Mackenzie
2. Grace
3. Ysabella
4. Macram
1. Mikayla
2. Anna
3. Daniel
4. Jackson
5. Kaleb
1. Lauren
2. Evelyn
3. Julian
4. Joshua
Fonseca (Mr.)
1. Jacob
Isabella (back to school)
1. Isabella
1. Zachary
2. Samuel
1. Christopher

1. Siena
2. Keira
3. Julia