Jan 19

We are starting our poetry unit in Writing this week. This will give the students a chance to explore poems and also to write and create their own. If they have not yet chosen a poem for Speech Arts, they must do so by Friday. I also need the name of their novel for their book report  project by Friday.

1. Sp Unit 15 (WTW #1-3; WP #1-3); CH #1-3) due Thurs
2. Novel study connection sheet
3. Novel study Ch 2-3 questions
4. Math w/s
5. Sci- 5 illustrations

Just a quick note about classroom work habits: If you find that your child has more than 20 minutes of homework today, please talk to them about the work time given in class. We had half an hour before lunch to complete work, as well as another half hour at the end of the day to do more work. If your child consistently has more than 40 minutes of homework a day, we should have a meeting.