Jan 21

I understand how obsessed students are about Shopkins. I have a six year old daughter who loves to play with them, however, I have had to put a stop on bringing them in the classroom. They are a big distraction with the students and even with the "keep them in your backpack" rule, students still play with them during class time. I am asking they no longer bring them to school for the time being. We can call it a "cooling down period". If Shopkins are found in the desks, I will take them and a parent/guardian will need to come and claim them. If it wasn't such an issue in the class, I would not take this type of measure, however, I am finding that some students are not listening to the lessons and are staring at the shopkins catalogs or playing in their desks instead. Thank you for your cooperation

Apostle's Creed test on Feb 19. We have been working on the Apostles Creed booklet, so students should be familiar with it, as well, I sent a sheet home with the words on it today.

1. Alliteration page
2. Acrostic poem
3. Math problems 4-7
4. Music title page (for Mrs. Mar)