Welcome Back-- Jan 4

I hope you all had a great two weeks with your families. The Christmas season is always so magical. I thought that nothing beats the feeling of being a child at Christmas time, but to be honest, I find creating that magic for my own children to be more fun. (Even if it is a little stressful at times!)

With the new year, comes some new routines and new topics. Our spelling units are now due on Thursday, instead of Friday so that we can go over the activities together. We are also continuing with Weekly Progress Reports this week.

1. Sp Unit 13 (WTW #1,2; WP #1-3; CH #1,2,5)-- DUE THURS
2. Winter Snapshots-- DUE WED
3. Math w/s (subtraction)-- due tom
4. My top ten favourite things about 2015-- due tom