June 10

Only 12 more school days!!! The countdown is on!!! Today was an exciting day as we released our butterflies in the wild. Of our 31 caterpillars, about 22 of them survived to be released.

Friday is the Talent Show and Parent Appreciation Tea. You are invited to join us after mass in the Parish Centre for some tea, coffee treats and entertainment. If you are there for the morning, you are welcome to take your child home BUT PLEASE SIGN THEM OUT with us first.

If your child has a summer birthday but would like to celebrate it before with the class, please let me know when they would like to have their "unbirthday" birthday and we will celebrate with a song :)

Here are some upcoming important dates:

June 12-- Term Book report DUE
June17-- Step Up Day (sniff, sob, WAAAAHHHH.. I'm really going to miss this group!)
          --  Charlotte's Web ABC book due
June 19-- CCS Circus School-- FUN DAY-- NOON DISMISSAL
June 22-- Field trip to the Zoo. Please check below for the parent volunteer driver list.
June 26-- Last Day-- Noon Dismissal

If you find textbooks at home, please send them back to the classroom so we collect them.
We also have a few outstanding library books. Please check at home for those as well. THANKS!

Mrs. Fonseca
1. Jacob
2. Jackson
3. Kaleb

Mrs. Kopec
1. Julian
2. Zachary

Mrs. Sebellin
1. Mikayla
2. Mackenzie
3. Anna
4. Isabella
5. Keira
Mrs. Hiemstra
1. Lauren
2. Joshua
3. Alexander
4. Ysabella
5. Siena

Mrs. Koga/ Mrs. Baniqued
1. Liam
2. Christian
3. Samuel
4. Evelyn
5. Julia
6. Stephanie (her mom will drive her)
Mrs. Orosz
1. Hailey
2. Crissa
3. Laura
4. Grace
5. Savannah
Mrs. Vulcano
1. Daniel
2. Mateo
3. Macram
4. Christopher
5. Karch