June 2

Happy JUNE!!!

Here it is... the final month. I can't believe that I am preparing to pass this wonderful group onto Grade Four. While we are doing a countdown to the end of the year, we still have WORK to do.

1. Brainstorm and RD of "Someday" paragraph
2. Math pg 242 and 243

WED homework-- (FOR TRACK participants)
1. Math pg 244
2. D for Dump, O for Orchard
3. Ch 14 & 15 questions (we read the chapters today in class)

Message from the Knights of Columbus
As we enter the home stretch of the contest with only a single weekend remaining the results are very close.  If you are unable to purchase your cards after mass on Saturday or Sunday you can email Earl at ecoatta@telus.net or call him at 604-576-6306 and he's more than happy to work out other arrangements with you.

With just a few days left the order is:

1st - Kindergarten
2nd - Grade 6
3rd - Grade 2 & Grade 5

Keep on going and let's see how close we can get.  What a great way to end the school year than a class party for your child.  Help them win the party and help the parish and school at the same time.