Dear Parents:

I wanted to thank you for all the thoughtful well wishes and gifts. (I am fully stocked for Starbucks,  Tim's and other restaurants, for the rest of the summer and beyond!) It has been a great year with a wonderful group of kids.

We did a writing activity entitled "I wish my teacher knew". They answered it anonymously. I was touched and humbled by the responses the students wrote. I had the opportunity to write them back with notes entitled "I wish my student knew". Now, I would like to take the opportunity to write you a short note...

I wish my Grade Three Parents knew:
--what a wonderful gift it has been to teach such an exuberant group of kids
--how unique and talented each of these kids are; they shared their own gifts with the class
--children listen and take in everything around them
--they love stories! Share life stories with them.
--what a lucky group of parents we have (myself included!) I wish you all got a chance to spend a day teaching these kids.
--how thankful I am for all your support and involvement

Have a wonderful summer!

Maria Fonseca

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